Below is a guide to measuring your property to ensure all measurements are as accurate as possible.

Measurements Required


  • The width and length of each room
  • Wall to wall mapping out any protruding walls and chimneys.
  • The location of the boiler, water tank or any meters in the property.
  • The height and width of the windows, height from floor level to the bottom of the windowsill and distance to the nearest wall of all the windows. If the window is a bay window we require the overall depth of the bay.
  • The width and height of the stairs.
  • The ceiling height in the downstairs and upstairs rooms and any changes in ceiling height.
  • The location of the soil pipe if known (these can sometimes be internal or external).


  • The location of the manhole/drain cover and the run of the drains if known.
  • The width of the walls, and the location of the windows.
  • The height of the eaves and the height of the ridge.
  • A brick dimension (including one course).
  • Externally distances from the boundary line to the property.
  • Any architectural details such as a decorative brick course.
  • For Loft conversions only – the floor to ridge height in the loft space.

Download Blank Sketch Form


  • Pictures are required both inside and outside of the property.
  • When taking internal images of the property we require at least two images of each room showing any features in the room such as bay windows, chimneys and beams.
  • External images are required of the property from all elevations, images of next door neighbours' windows to ensure the design complies with the 45 degree code.

Some examples of image are below


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